the update 1.5 will add the split screen –

Eric Barone is continuing to heal his baby. Through Twitter, in fact, the developer confirmed that theupdate 1.5 of Stardew Valley will introduce it split screen two-player. In this way it will be possible to take care of your agricultural estate in the company of a friend or relative sitting comfortably next to us.

Although several years have passed since its release, Stardew Valley continues to grow. What initially looked like a Harvest Moon clone has expanded, improved and added many new features. Like for example online multiplayer. Now, however, it’s time to rediscover a cornerstone of video games of the past years: the split screen.

With update 1.5, in fact, all versions of the game will be able to be played on the same screen in the company of a friend without limiting the experience of one player or the other. In fact, each half of the screen will follow the movements of a single character, allowing him to do exactly what he wants. Like going to town to shop or to a mine to look for minerals.

In addition to convenience, this update will allow you to save a lot of money: in fact, a single copy of the game and a single console (or PC) will be enough to play for two.

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