Doctor: Trump is not infectious, it does not infect other people with coronavirus

Conely wrote in his statement that Trump underwent a test on Saturday, according to which there are no longer any signs that the virus is “actively replicating” in the president’s body. According to him, Trump also meets the criteria of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for safe discontinuation of isolation and according to “currently recognized standards” no longer poses a risk of spreading coronavirus.

The statement of Trump’s doctor follows only a few hours after the president first appeared in public since his coronavirus infection, for which he also spent several days in hospital. The president briefly addressed hundreds of his supporters on the White House’s balcony on Saturday.

The Republican president is working to return to the election campaign as soon as possible before the November elections, in which he is seeking re-election. According to most polls, he is now losing his Democratic juice to Joe Biden, and many voters do not agree with how his administration coped with the covidu-19 pandemic, which hit the United States hardest in absolute terms in the world.

However, there is still uncertainty about Trump’s health. He was given a cocktail of drugs at the hospital, some of which are prescribed to patients with severe covid-19. The AP notes that Trump appeared on the podium on Saturday with patches on his hands, which probably remained there after the infusion. He also spoke for only 18 minutes, although he usually spoke to his supporters for an hour or more.

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