Murtaza Mansour in a message to Amr Al-Janayni: “Whoever donates millions to his club is not corrupt.”

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Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, said that he fully trusts himself, and that everything that is hatched against him and against Zamalek club is destined for demise, and Zamalek, its president and its fans will remain tall despite the nose of the stalkers.

Mansour added, in televised statements: “Amr Al-Ganaini, Chairman of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association, has become a mere follower of Hisham Hatab for personal interests. He was not charged with any corruption matter. ”

He continued, “He who donates millions to his club is not corrupt, Ganaini, and whoever maximizes the resources and budget of his club is not corrupt, Amr.”

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