First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda in a recording about cancer. MEP Janina Ochojska, who has overcome cancer, answers

For five years, I got to know the environment of women after cancer and I realized how important it is to prevent the development of dangerous diseases – said Agata Kornhauser-Duda in the video published during the breast cancer awareness month. The first lady’s words were answered by MEP Janina Ochojska, who had overcome cancer. “Today there are more cases, there are no places for tests and cancer beds, and your husband is morally responsible for these cases” – she wrote.

Since 1985, October has been recognized worldwide as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this period, topics related to the prevention and diagnosis of breast cancer are more often discussed. European Breast Cancer Day, symbolized by a pink ribbon, is held on October 15th.

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The first lady on cancer prevention

The president’s wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, referred to this fact on the presidential social channels. – We are all aware that, first of all, prophylaxis helps to detect cancer cells at the earliest stage of the disease development. It should be noted that with the current medical possibilities, the chances of defeating breast cancer are really high – she pointed out.


The First Lady went on to say that she “had a good understanding of the cancer survivors for the past five years” and “realized the importance of preventing the development of dangerous diseases.” – As the Ambassador of Women with Breast Cancer in Poland, which I play with satisfaction and conviction, I understood that social information initiatives aimed at disseminating knowledge about cancer play a key role in pro-health policy – she said.

– That is why I strongly encourage all Polish women to conduct regular examinations throughout the year and encourage them to use them as widely as possible – she argued. – Ladies, take care of yourself so that you can enjoy a long life, because you are needed, not only loved ones – the first lady called.

Ochojska’s answer. “Today there are more cases, there are no places for tests and cancer beds”

The First Lady’s statement was commented on by Janina Ochojska, MEP of the European Coalition and head of the Polish Humanitarian Action. She herself was battling breast cancer since last April, when she announced the diagnosis. A little over a year later, she announced that she had overcome the disease.

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“It is a pity that you did not have this awareness when your husband donated PLN 2 billion to TVP instead of oncology. Today there are more cases, no places for tests and cancer beds, and your husband is morally responsible for these cases. credible, “she wrote on Twitter, in response to the video of the first lady’s speech.

Ochojska referred to the president signed in March the act transferring nearly PLN 2 billion to state media. The opposition proposed that these funds be donated to the needs of Polish oncology. Already in 2018, the Supreme Audit Office indicated that the oncological care system requires changesand nearly half of the expenses in the treatment of cancer are spent in hospital treatment.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm in women, and about five thousand women die every year in our country. Regular self-examination of your breasts can help you diagnose your condition earlier.

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Main photo source: Wojciech OlkuĊ›nik / PAP

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