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One of the favorite couples from “Edin za drug” – Polly and Dimitar, got really angry recently. The young family, which at the end of last year announced that they were expecting their first child, caused serious headaches because of… selling a car.

A few days ago, Polly had to clarify her previous story, in which she shared an ad for the sale of a VW Golf 1.6TDI 105 NAVI car. The price was 10 grand, and the car looked in top condition. The ad immediately caused a number of users to suspect that the young family urgently needed money.

However, it turned out that Polly and Dimitar were not at all financially stuck, as was assumed by their fans. And the car from the ad is not even their property, but belongs to their friend whom they are helping.

“Dear Followers, We came across an article that we are selling our golf to ‘make ends meet’. I want to chime in and inform dear journalists that the golf is my brother’s, I posted it so more people would see the ad. We don’t we are selling the car, and we don’t need to “fix the situation”. Thank you for your attention,” Pauly wrote on his Instagram profile, “Blitz” reported.

Polly recently made a cake for little Nicholas, which, as tradition dictates, was attended only by the closest women. The reality star refuses to show her baby boy’s face as she is clearly one of the superstitious mothers.

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