Ensuring Vaccination of Girls and Boys Against Polio in Loreto: The Role of the Ombudsman’s Office

  • In supervision of the Saramiriza Health Center, it was found that they do not have information on vaccination coverage against the virus.
  • In this locality, a case of acute flaccid paralysis, which is a polio mutation, was reported in a child from the Awajún people.

The office of the Ombudsman in Loreto sued the Regional Health Management (Geresa) to adopt urgent and effective measures to guarantee timely access to polio vaccines for children under 5 years of age in the department, as well as improve coverage.

This requirement was made after supervising the Saramiriza Health Center, in the Manseriche district, and verifying that they do not have information on the number of girls and boys who have not been immunized in the regular vaccination process against polio and other diseases. . As recalled, the case of a child with acute flaccid paralysis, a mutation of the poliomyelitis virus, was reported in this district.

“At the health center we also verify the transfer to Lima of the child affected by this virus, so that he can continue with his care. Also, we verified that samples continue to be taken from other children to detect possible cases,” said the head of the Loreto Ombudsman’s Office, Abel Chiroque.

According to the Minsa, Loreto is among the regions with the lowest vaccination coverage of the regular scheme for children under 5 years of age. In the case of the oral anti-polio vaccine, the immunization rate was as follows: 2019 (81.5%), 2020 (64%), 2021 (68.5%) and in 2022 (73.6%). In the Manseriche district, in 2018, 87.4% was registered, 2019 (96.5%), 2020 (66.6%), 2021 (33.8%) and in 2022 (43.6%).

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Given this scenario, the Ombudsman recommended that Geresa Loreto intensify epidemiological surveillance, as well as all vaccination interventions of the National Vaccination Scheme for children under 5 years of age, in order to promote that they complete their immunization schedule with the polio vaccine.

Likewise, he called on the Geresa to execute a comprehensive permanent immunization strategy with cultural and linguistic relevance, together with local authorities and indigenous communities, and reinforce dissemination campaigns on the vaccination sweep. In the same way, it asked the institution to implement vaccination actions in schools, nurseries, hospitals, closed communities, among others, as well as to guarantee the supply and timely distribution of immunizations to all health establishments in the region, mainly in the polio, influenza, rotavirus, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccines.

Finally, he urged the Geresa to ensure that all medical establishments in the Loreto region have a cold chain and to adopt measures to improve the infrastructure, equipment, logistics, supplies and medicines of the Saramiriza health center. L

The office of the Ombudsman in Loreto will continue to monitor the actions that the competent authorities will carry out in this regard, and that they comply with our recommendations, in order to guarantee the protection of the health of the population, especially children and adolescents. , who must be up to date on their vaccinations.

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