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Do you really want to get rid of wrinkles? What is the advice of specialists

In recent years, numerous treatments and procedures have been developed that aim to reduce the most obvious mark of the passage of time: wrinkles. These treatments are both diversified and accessible, but their excessive use can lead to loss of naturalness and total lack of facial expression, which is why it is recommended that they be performed only under the guidance and supervision of a specialist.

Wrinkles are skin wrinkles resulting from absolutely natural processes throughout life in both men and women, which lead to the degradation of elastic fibers and collagen. Elastic fibers, essential for the youthful appearance of the skin, are generated only in the first years of life, after which production is almost completely stopped. The same happens with the production of collagen, which is slowed down over time, thus observing the first signs of loss of strength and elasticity of the skin.

The most popular wrinkle treatments

The constant creasing of the skin due to the action of the facial muscles, which in some people can be exaggerated, will lead to the formation of wrinkles especially around the eyes, forehead or between the eyebrows. These are the so-called expression wrinkles, the first signs of which can appear from the age of 30-40.

The problem can be treated by injecting products that temporarily block substances or mediators that cause muscle contraction in areas where we want to reduce wrinkles, with effect between 4 and 6 months. “These interventions are also known in the trade by the general public as Botox, the trade name of the first product approved for the temporary attenuation of wrinkles. The procedure is quick, easy or not at all painful, and the results can be spectacular. It is important to avoid excessive correction of wrinkles that can cause loss of facial expression “, warns doctor Laurenţiu Vlădău, specialist in dermatology and venerology.

At the other extreme are static wrinkles, caused by loss of muscle tone, which leads to a flabby appearance. In this case, botulinum toxin treatments do not provide any benefit and more volume of hyaluronic acid is needed for correction.

“This substance has properties very similar to hyaluronic acid in the composition of the skin, which is why allergic reactions are extremely rare. The method is indicated and used for the correction of static wrinkles around the eyes, at the level of the upper lip (smokers’ wrinkles) or nasal grooves (between the nose and mouth). Moreover, the injection at the cheekbones produces a non-surgical facelift. It is used successfully for rejuvenation, contouring and lip volume “, states Dr. Vlădău.

What are the risks of overtreatment

Botox used in excess reduces micro-expressions, those short, involuntary facial expressions that reveal unconscious feelings of anger, happiness, disgust, embarrassment or pride. “Communicating with a person who has overdosed is similar to communicating with a still image – much of the body language is silenced. At the same time, this facial paralysis inhibits the ability to imitate the facial expressions of others, which is an essential factor in the formation of empathy, “says the specialist.

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