Do you need to change tires on your car? You can understand it like this, you will never be wrong again

Car tires are changed at least twice a year, in winter and spring. Let’s see how and why we need to change them in these two seasons.

Know the right time of year to change car tires (Photo by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay)

The car is the vehicle most used by everyone to get around. For short distances, to make long trips for pleasure or work, to do the shopping, to accompany the children to school. And while in summer many of these things can also be done on foot, thus doing sporting activity, in autumn and winter it is a bit more complicated due to the different rains and bad weather that distinguishes this season. Obviously, like any self-respecting vehicle, the car also needs maintenance and today we will explain to you when to change the tires.

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Change your car tires at this time of year, it will be necessary

The car needs overhaul several times a year, starting with the tires (Photo by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay)

As we have already said, the car is exploited and used more in the winter months, because often different atmospheric agents do not allow us to walk around the country where we live. But winter is also the time when you have to change tires, to ensure better grip on the road surface.

Winter tires must be inserted in mid-November and removed in mid-April, if these rules are not respected there is a risk of having to respond to numerous penalties provided for by the traffic code, fines ranging from € 40 to € 500 (depending on whether it is of an urban center or not). However, there is an exception to all this, that is, everyone is obliged to change tires on the date indicated, except for those who own all-season tires.


The change is necessary and brings with it numerous advantages, including:

  • Increased road safety, especially on icy or snowy roads
  • High comfort inside the vehicle, thus avoiding various noises that the tires could make on the road surface
  • Better performance when temperatures drop below 10 °

Obviously, for more information, it is necessary to contact a competent and trustworthy person, who can show you the best tires also depending on the area in which you live and the environmental conditions that exist.


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