Do you know what was the best Apple app in 2022?

The App Store Awards is the annual award given to the best apps on the Apple in different categories, for all your devices and even platforms.

In 2022, the big winner was the Be real, a social networking application that has established itself especially among young people. It has also become a staple for rival apps, such as TikTok and Instagram.

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The award for the new platform is directly related to innovation, as the application has demonstrated its ability to offer a different experience to users. For you to understand better, we will briefly explain how the app works.

BeReal operates with a somewhat different proposition from its main competitors, already mentioned above. With it, users post what they’re doing in real time, along with a photo taken from the rear camera and another from the front.

However, unlike other networks, it is not possible to apply filters to the images, and due to its temporary use proposal, it is not even allowed to upload photos from the gallery, providing greater naturalness to the network and further affirming its difference with respect to the others. .

In this way, the objective of the platform is for its users to share their routines with each other, showing their reality. For this reason, the application opts for the absence of filters and other resources that aim to remove the originality of the published images. When an app notification arrives, users only have 2 minutes to post what they’re up to.

BeReal was created in 2019, but only this year has it really taken off in a lightning-fast way. With that, TikTok, for example, has created a very similar platform, called TikTok Now, trying to compete with the new application.

Even here in Brazil, the app achieved excellent numbers, becoming the 2nd most downloaded in the month of September, and is still growing in the country, as well as worldwide.

Its award from Apple is due to all the success the application has achieved. It is estimated that after this victory, the platform will grow even more among users.

Among the games, Apex Legends Mobile, created by Electronic Arts, won the award for best game for Apple devices. Other programs also won for the company’s other products, in every segment and category.

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