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Discord app receives redesign and performance improvements – MacMagazine

The application of Discord received an update with a series of new features, including a comprehensive redesign and other changes. Opening the app, for example, is 43% faster on iOS and 55% on Android. The arrangement of several of the platform’s elements is also different, thinking about new uses of the app in relation to those when the service was created.

Now, there are three separate tabs for servers and messages, with “Notifications” and “You”, more accessible and visible when entering the app, which no longer has the old “Friends” tab. Servers are also once again displayed on a clipboard on the left side, which will continue to be adjusted to balance customization and practicality.

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In the messaging area, both direct private conversations and direct group conversations are displayed, and you can add some as favorites to pin them to the top. Above the conversation list, you can see what your friends are currently doing. The search bar has also been improved to search through all your messages, pins and attachments.

Channel detail and direct message pages now let you find information and media faster, as well as offering a search tool. It’s also become easier to create a group DM, and Discord will warn you if you try to create another chat with the same people. Voice messages and a tool for making memes were also added.

Another new feature is to swipe left on a message to reply to it. With this, access to the list of chat members — previously done this way — can now be done by tapping on the channel name or DM. In the “Notifications” tab, moments and messages in which you were mentioned, server events, friend requests and message replies are displayed. By touching each one of them, you are taken to the moment of the corresponding conversation.

In the “You” tab, in turn, you can see and change the appearance of your profile, modify account information and access profile settings and your friends list. By tapping the tab icon twice, you can access the settings, which now also have a search tool.

There is a new theme (“Midnight”, which is “totally dark”) and improved media sharing, with a free limit of 25MB per file, the ability to select multiple files at a time and a more comfortable gallery-style view . Another modified area was voice and video calls, which gained a different interface.

In terms of speed, in addition to improving the opening of the app, Discord now uses four times less data when loading content and keeps messages stored in cache. The 700 most recent messages from DMs and channels will also be stored, allowing for faster loading. Scrolling through chats has also become faster and messages are synchronized in the background.

Other improvements — which can be checked on this page — include the ability to add quick access to a server’s member list, better search filters, and more control over how compact lists and messages appear.

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