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Antonella Ricci: The “Slap” to Antonella Clerici on It’s Always Midday – A Sensational Moment

Antonella Ricci and Antonella Clerici at It’s always midday – ifood (Instagram photo)

Often hosted on È semper cena, Antonella Ricci’s “slap” to Antonella Clerici is sensational. The Apulian chef really did it.

She is one of the guests of It’s always middayshe is a starred chef and is not a new face: Antonella Ricci she also appeared in other programs, from The cook’s test a Green Line.

Owner of Ricci Osteria, a restaurant that brings Apulian cuisine directly to Milan, he told Fq her desire for revenge that led her so high.

The chef revealed: “My cuisine is a cuisine that is also born from the suffering and difficulties I faced during my childhood. Despite everything, my father cared about my education because he said that by studying you became free.”

But despite having often been at the side of the Clerics even in the past, he did not spare her the “slap” that everyone saw on TV.

Antonella Ricci: the “slap” to Antonella Clerici

Wanted by Antonella Clerici several times in his It’s always midday, Antonella Ricci received the public’s favor but specified to the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno some time ago: “I don’t feel like a star, as much as I adore Clerici and am grateful to her for the opportunity she offered me by calling me back this season alongside her in È semper cena. TV chefs are simple people who learn every day.”

And as almost always happens, the passion for cooking is inherited from the family: “I was helped by a family tradition” and in the family restaurant “with 29 years of uninterrupted Michelin Star, I worked from 7 in the morning to 2 at night”.

Antonella Ricci and her husband Vinod Sookar – ifood

What the chef did

A passion, we were saying, that comes from afar and that has taken her far. In the true sense of the word. During a stay in Mauritius you met your colleague and now husband Vinod Sookar. And it was precisely with her complicity that he gave the “slap” to Ad Antonella Clerici. Obviously we are talking about a metaphorical slap.

In fact, the chef now hosts her own program together with her husband. Eat, Puglia, Loveparaphrase of the well-known film with Julia Roberts, is the new format that recently aired on Food Network in which the two spouses brought Puglia to the table to viewers, with recipes with an exotic touch. A real competition to the presenter of It’s always midday, luckily it aired at different times. Surely Clerici will have forgiven her.

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