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All coronavirus rules would be complied with by both entrepreneurs and customers. “People wear masks and keep their distance,” praised Gumprecht. The store operators would also do everything to ensure the safest possible purchase – from disinfectant dispensers and distance markings on the floor to constant checking of the ten-square-meter requirement by security or electronic counting systems at the entrances.

Mariahilfer Strasse and shopping centers “full”

The head of the division spoke of an “increased” rush, especially in shopping centers and the classic shopping streets: “Mariahilfer Strasse, for example, is full.” But there is still “room for improvement” in smaller shopping streets or in somewhat remote neighborhoods.

APA / Hans Punz

Queues formed in front of individual shops

The customer frequency in the shops themselves is about the same as last year, said Gumprecht. However, the majority of people spend less time inside the shops than usual. “People have now had three weeks to think about it. They know what they want to buy. ”There are fewer spontaneous purchases.

Discount battles as a “downer”

The Chamber Representative described the discount battles taking place in some retail areas as a “small downer.” One actually appealed to the entrepreneurs to refrain from such. “But unfortunately a few do not adhere to it,” she referred to the furniture trade.

Shopping people

APA / Hans Punz

A “downer” for the Chamber of Commerce are numerous discounts

On St. Mary’s Day on duty there is traditionally a big rush. In order to “straighten out” the flow of customers, the social partners agreed to extend the opening times on December 8th, 12th and 19th. The shops may then be open until 7 p.m. instead of the previous 6 p.m.

Billa and Mercury mostly closed on the holiday

The retail group Rewe will close all Billa branches and for the first time most of the Merkur stores on December 8th, the group announced on Friday. The Billa branches have been closed on December 8th for 13 years.

In total, more than 27,000 employees would have “a little break in December”, says Rewe Austria boss Marcel Haraszti. 2020 was an exceptional year in which the employees were particularly challenged and shown tireless commitment.

Schools open again

Around 700 schools in Vienna reopened on Monday. Some do not follow until Wednesday, as Monday is a school day. Some schools postponed the day off on the recommendation of the Vienna Education Directorate. The mask requirement now also applies during the lesson – from the lower level. Only elementary and special schools are excluded.

Children and adults enter elementary school

APA / Herbert Neubauer

From the age of ten, a mask is required in class.

Upper school classes with the exception of high school graduates and pupils from other graduating classes remain in distance learning until Christmas. The CoV gurgle tests in suspected cases will be continued. The future of the “Cluster Buster Bus”, with which rapid tests have been carried out in schools since the end of September, is open.

Ice rinks and libraries open again

The city of Vienna’s libraries have also been open again since Monday. However, you are requested not to come on the first day in order to avoid traffic jams. All borrowed media were automatically extended by four additional weeks, i.e. until at least 14.12. extended. “So there is enough time”, says the director Christian Jahl.

Vienna Main Library

ORF.at/Zita Klimek

The municipal libraries are also opening their doors again

You also keep your distance at Vienna’s ice rinks. The ice skating club on Heumarkt opens on Monday. An ice rink still needs to be built on the Engelmann artificial ice rink. But it starts on Tuesday. Indoor sports are still prohibited. Fitness centers and indoor pools are still closed.

No new start for gastronomy

There is no new start for the time being for the gastronomy, which is a high frequency generator for the trade. Restaurants, bars and cafes are not allowed to reopen until January 7th at the earliest. The owners receive 50 percent of the previous year’s sales for December. It will soon be tight for almost a third, feared the Chamber of Commerce at the weekend.

The exit restrictions only apply at night, there are still contact restrictions, but exceptions for the holidays. The Vienna police announced additional controls of the distance rules. At least there shouldn’t be pictures of people queuing in front of punch stands, because punch stands are no longer allowed.

High fines of up to 1,450 euros

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) also pointed out on Sunday that the police are closely monitoring: “Especially in shopping streets, reinforced patrols will monitor compliance with the Covid rules.” “The fines from the health authorities are extremely high – up to 1,450 euros,” said Nehammer.

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