Director of Abu Al-Rish Hospital: Most of the common symptoms among children are syncytial virus

Written by Muhammad Sobhi

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 02:00 AM

Dr. Sherif Al-Anwari, Director of Abu Al-Rish Al-Munira Hospital in Kasr Al-Aini, said that this period, which coincides with the onset of the winter season, is the period when viruses spread every year, reassuring mothers that the symptoms that appear in children during this period of each year are normal.

Dr. Sherif Al-Anwari added in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that most of the symptoms that appear in children require treatment at home, and a limited number need to go to the hospital, and most of the currently widespread symptoms are the most famous of which is the syncytial virus, which is active in Egypt from October to February of each year. We are currently living in the peak period of infection with the virus, and there is no home with children that does not have a child suffering from a cough, high body temperature, and cold symptoms.

The director of Abu Al-Rish Hospital continued: There are some other viruses, but most of them have similar symptoms, the most famous of which is the syncytial virus, the first of which is the appearance of fever symptoms in the child and cold symptoms, after which it spreads to the chest and causes bronchitis, and in most cases it is mild to moderate, and this requires treatment at home, and there is no reason for concern. The child received simple treatments, after which the child’s health condition improved.

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