Using Unwashed Glasses – The Risks Involved

PROBOLINGGO, – Family members at home may have a favorite glass that they constantly use to drink water every day. There is no problem with that, as long as the glass is washed regularly every day and not used continuously without washing.

Some people may be surprised because it’s just plain water so they don’t really need to wash it. Founder of Healthy Brain Clinic, Dung Trinh, said that using the same glass that has not been washed for days has the potential to be exposed to harmful microbes.

In fact, there are some people who often drink from the same glass, for days without washing it.

Usually habits like this are triggered by the thought that the glass is filled with only mineral water, so it is not considered that it will pollute the glass, even if it is used repeatedly.

If you are one of those people, be careful because it’s not. Because this seemingly harmless habit can harm your health.

The habit of drinking (even mineral water) from the same glass repeatedly, for example a week in a row without washing it is prone to exposing a person to harmful bacteria and increasing the risk of disease, because bacteria will start growing on the surface, reported by the Times of India, Friday ( 24/3/2023).

You know, even if you refill it with clean water, bacteria can still multiply quickly in unwashed glass and become dangerous to health.

As a reminder, washing glasses shouldn’t just be done with water. Because, in order to get rid of harmful bacteria, it must be washed using soap and running water. Without soap and water, bacteria will continue to multiply and multiply. Over time, bacteria can create colonies called “biofilms”.

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It’s the same as letting a glass of water in an uncovered glass, aka with open air. The water that will eventually be drunk can be exposed to airborne bacteria from dust particles or other sources around the glass. Therefore, a glass or water bottle must be covered with a lid as a protection from exposure to airborne bacteria.

“Norovirus, which is highly contagious and causes vomiting and diarrhea, can survive for a week or more in unwashed glass without proper cleaning,” said Trinh as quoted from the Best Life page, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Not only drinking glasses, using refilled water bottles many times for several days and not washing them, is also a wrong practice. It can expose a person to harmful bacteria and inadvertently increase the risk of disease.

“Sometimes the convenience of refilling a glass keeps us from thinking about hygiene,” says naturopathic primary care doctor and founder of biōReigns, Devin Stone.

When someone uses the same glass of water for a week without washing it, bacteria will start to grow on the surface of the glass. To prevent the buildup of bacteria, glasses should be washed with soap and water, not just water.

Leaving a glass of water uncorked can also cause problems. Glass filled with water left out in the open air can be exposed to bacteria from dust particles or other sources. Therefore, water should be placed in a closed glass or bottle.

Whatever container is used to hold drinking water, fresh water in it is recommended to be replaced every day. “Bacteria can also grow in water if it isn’t replaced frequently within a few days,” says Stone. Editor: Ahmad Hilmiddin

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