Dijon hairdresser desperately looking for an apprentice

This Tuesday is the launch of the national operation “Young future challenge” on France Bleu. It is about bringing together business leaders and young people looking for a job.

The hairstyle tempts you?

Exactly: are you about to get a hairdressing CAP? Do you want to continue your training towards the professional certificate? Are you looking for a small job in a salon to get your hands on?

A training that takes your breath away!

That’s good, Anne-Marie Conceiçao patroness of “Coiff ‘et vous” in Dijon wants to hire a hairdresser in apprenticeship or on a professionalization contract. The golden opportunity to perfect your training alongside Anne-Marie and her two professional hairdressers.

We have a little work at the moment

Anne-Marie Conceiçaoexplains why she is recruiting and the profile she is looking for! “We have a little work at this very moment with the confinements, the deconfinements. And so _i need an additional employee_. On the other hand, I want to train a young person in relation to my know-how and my interpersonal skills “ explains the hairdresser.

A young person who already knows how to manage would be ideal

But no question of taking “anyone”. “The ideal would be to have a young person who already knows how to get by in men’s and technical cuts. The women’s cut is immediately more complicated. And obviously the ideal would be for me to be able to put the person directly in contact. from the moment the contract is signed. But that will have to be done directly with the young person depending on the training he or she will have had previously in CAP “.

How to apply for this job offer?

“Coiff ‘et vous” is located at 5 boulevard Pascal in Dijon. To apply for this offer, it’s simple, you just have to come to the show and submit your CV! If applicableAnne-Marie Conceiçaowill call you back for a job interview. Each month depending on age and training, the young person who will be hired can expect to receive6 or 700 euros per month.

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Anne-Marie Conceiçao is the guest of the Nouvelle Eco de France Bleu Bourgogne this Tuesday April 6, 2021. You will hear her at 7.15 am (98.3 or 103.7)

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