In Front of Muhammadiyah Youth, Jokowi Becomes the Leader Indonesia Needs

In Front of Muhammadiyah Youth, Jokowi Becomes the Leader Indonesia Needs

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) mentioned the ideal leader for Indonesia. According to Jokowi, a leader must not be submissive by anything, he must be brave in the interests of the nation.

“This nation needs a consistent leader, I repeat, this nation needs a consistent leader, who dares to make decisions, dares to take risks and dares to face anyone and any country for the benefit of the state and nation,” said Jokowi when giving a speech at the Apple event. Muhammadiyah Youth PP Military Standby, Wednesday (20/9).

Jokowi said that this nation needs a unifying leader, servant of the people and a conscientious hard worker.

“Because at this time it is impossible for us to only think macro, we have to look at the micro. “The micro details must be checked again,” he explained.

Therefore, Jokowi hopes for the support of the Muhammadiyah family for peaceful elections and maintaining sustainable development for the developed Indonesia he dreams of.

Jokowi believes that society should not be divided because of the election. The former governor of DKI Jakarta believes that peace must be maintained even though there is a democracy party.

“This nation’s leap towards progress must not be hindered just because of a struggle for power,” he explained.

In democracy, Jokowi continued, differences in choices are natural. Winning or losing in an election is also normal. Including arguments as well as normal conditions.

“The important and most important thing is that we must keep our unity together,” he explained. (jpnn/dawn)

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