Did Samková hit with racing? She will no longer appear on the card!

It’s clear as hell! Our best snowboardcross competitor, Eva Samková (29), will no longer appear on the competitors starting sheet! Fans have no choice but to get used to the new reality …

But he’s not going to hang his career on a nail. From now on, however, she uses nice after her husband. “Success is not made by a name, but by a person. From now on, my little one will bear the surname with pride, love and joy Adamczyková revealed herself on social networks.

To separate married Kukaček star Marko Adamczyk (34) after four years of engagement in the Giant Mountains. About 50 guests attended the wedding and both managed to keep it a secret until their big D-day.

Regina Samková: What is her story and why do fans love her so much?

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