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It’s a game that hordes of Battlefield veterans have been waiting for. Now the gameplay itself has a nice basis, it does feel a bit like BF4, the Battlefield feeling is in any case strongly present.

BF1 and 5 were good shooters, but it wasn’t a Battlefield. The chaos was missing, every game was so the same. The same chokepoints, another army of snipers, vehicles were mainly map decorations, if any. Each map felt like I was playing Metro/Lockers. You were always jerking at the same points.

2042 was released way too early and they made some very strange/wrong decisions that miss the mark very badly.

I myself, and half my friend list (although I haven’t checked them all personally) have already spent more hours in 2042 than we had in BF1, and BF1 is the best-selling Battlefield ever. It’s in my circle, n=1 of course. The most popular Battlefield since 4. At 1 I only had 2 or 3 friends who played it regularly, 5 more, but still sporadically, really rare that more friends were ingame at the same time. At 2042 there are 5+ friends ingame every night and at the weekend it taps the 10+.

My friend list hasn’t been this vibrant since Battlefield 4 and most of it is from the BC2, BF3 and BF4 days.

My feeling is it’s a lot of bandwagon. 2042 plays wonderfully, some content is missing, some balance is rather jerky (a few breakthrough points, for example). But what fun.

We can fuck again and have a lot of fun again tanks on roofs, with that hover vertically up, fuck with those drones and C4, no more sniper vs sniper teams, each weapon has its own feeling. Delicious!

There is so much potential in it, especially thanks to Portal. If DICE can pull through like they do with BF4, this could be the best Battlefield ever.

Every Battlefield release is shit, it’s a bit part of it, it wouldn’t be a Battlefield without a ready launch.


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