Red Cross: to Use the fan as a precaution, only when it is really needed NOW

The Red Cross calls on the people in the days of the feline corona virus at as a matter of precaution and after thinking about it, the use of cooling fans is available in public areas. The national Institute for public Health (RIVM), took on this subject recently of an opinion on the matter.

The Red Cross will issue an opinion, and with the predicted hot summer ahead of us. This week, even though the Netherlands may be affected by a heat wave.

At the moment there is no scientific evidence to prove that fans can be sure to have a greater chance of becoming infected. Both in the NETHERLANDS as the Red Cross, and states that the cooling fan is a great way to cool off is to make a home, but in public areas it is good to have as a precaution, proceed with caution.

Both are recommend just be a fan in the common areas, if there is no alternative to it. For example, a well-maintained air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.

Heat treater to form an extra risk of

Using a fan in a common area, then make sure you have a good flow of fresh air is provided by, for example, to open a window. Also, note that the air flow is not directly from one person to another, through a wall, it is writing to the support organisation.

“The vulnerable, the elderly, the chronically ill, and people who are overweight should take extra care. They are more prone to heat stroke, dehydration and overheating are ever-present, but are also at risk for serious illness if they have the corona,” said project leader in the heat of the Red Cross-she started This.

The red Cross is, “Look good in the heat’

The organisation calls on the people to be as responsive as possible to each other to pay attention to, especially now that people are less because they are keeping a distance because of the corona virus.

“A daily check-in people who are at higher risk, it is recommended,” writes the organization. “Check the other one to really drink a lot, and the house is not too hot, and offer to help in the heat to get people to go to the lavatory, as it is doing the grocery shopping.”


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