Details of the outbreak of a fire in Imbaba Fever Hospital .. No casualties among the workers

A fire broke out recently at Imbaba Fever Hospital, one of the sorting hospitals, for the suspect who was infected with Coronavirus in a number of trees in the hospital garden next to one of the buildings without any injuries. The building was evacuated, and the reason has not been found yet.

Side of the Imbaba Fever Hospital fire – Images circulating via social media

Dr. Maher Al-Jarhi, Deputy Director of Imbaba Fever Hospital, said, “We dealt with the fire quickly and the reason has not been found so far, adding that there were no injuries among the workers, stressing that the fire broke out in one of the hospital buildings during breakfast time and there are no injuries inside the hospital. .

A side of the fire – pictures circulated through social media

The civil protection men in Giza managed to control a fire that broke out inside a reception room inside Imbaba Fever Hospital, after the fire trucks moved in, a number of patients were extracted and the burning of the place was controlled.

A side of the fire – pictures circulated through social media

The Giza Relief Operations Room was notified that a fire broke out inside a hospital in Imbaba, 4 fire engines were pushed, a security cordon was imposed to surround the fire and prevent the danger of spreading to the rest of the neighborhoods, and the fire was extinguished.


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