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Details about Ivana Gottová’s new love: This will be another fight!

That she was the wife of a legend Karla Gotta († 80), is in itself a very difficult position. It is clear that as soon as a male counterpart appears at her side, a great hype will immediately break out. The widow of the Master is therefore kept in seclusion and no longer allows her privacy to be seen. But she probably doesn’t want to be alone for life at her age either. And according to the witch Michaela Kudláčková, which the daily Šíp testified, will not be. Although it has a catch.

Interview with Ivana Gottová:

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“Yes, he seems to have love here. He’s a man older than her. Nevertheless, their relationship, love and happiness may be limited by someone or something. Let’s say that he finds love, but he will have to fight for it in some way in 2021, “said Kudláčková, who explained the card to Ivana on this topic.

She then added that the wife of the deceased Gott will keep the new relationship a secret from the public, but it will not succeed. Therefore, they will soon appear together in public. Officially!

Karel Gott: The Great Defense of Ivana!

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