Despite the coronavirus, ‘Lucky Day’ is causing a busy time in the wedding boat | NOW

The outbreak of COVID-19 did not stop couples from agreeing to each other this Saturday, according to a modest tour of among municipalities in the Netherlands. Due to the special date, there seem to be a lot more marriages than usual.

The date October 10 – on paper 10-10-2020 – was tipped as a popular wedding date prior to the year. The “satisfactory” date would bring extra happiness in the marriage, according to numerologists.

Several municipalities report in conversation with that indeed more couples get married this Saturday than during previous weeks. In Amsterdam, it initially concerned nineteen couples, six of which later canceled due to corona-related matters. But the weddings that did take place on Saturday were still more than during the most popular Saturdays of 2019, the spokesman says. “Then there were a maximum of eleven.”

In the municipality of Utrecht, eight people agreed, but a spokesman for that municipality could not immediately say whether this was a strong increase compared to previous weeks.

According to the spokesperson for the municipality of Amsterdam, the lucky day had resulted in even more marriages in another season. “People prefer to get married in the spring and summer rather than in the fall or winter.”

Spokespersons for the municipality of The Hague and Enschede also report significant increases in the number of marriages. In the latter city, five couples were involved, while in previous weeks the average was about one marriage per day. “We received more applications, which seems to be mainly due to that date”, both spokespersons acknowledge.


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