Desperate Dagmar Havlová (68): TERROR IN YOUR OWN HOUSE! The accusation fell …

The villa in Dělostřelecká Street in Prague has been very popular lately. Although this is not an architectural miracle that an unnamed agency attracts, all those interested are, of course, curious about the former first lady.

Eggs and escape

“Calm down on Sunday. I have had enough. I’m already upset. I’m not a museum! Please try hard! Don’t know where to turn? There is a crowd after a crowd here, “the unhappy Dagmar published a Sunday siesta under the window. In a moment, she received many ideas on how to get rid of unwelcome guests. “Yes, I also had eggs,” the actress agreed. She didn’t even rule out splashing cold water from a hose on uninvited guests. And because she experiences something similar in a cottage in Hrádečko near Trutnov, she even admitted the possibility of giving the Czech Republic a boulder! “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, people won’t allow it abroad, yes here,” Havlová remarked.

Affordable representative

In the meantime, she found out who the guide who liked to talk so loudly in front of her villa was. “The man works at the municipality as a representative, so he receives a decent salary from our taxes and here he collects one hundred and fifty crowns per person. His name is Zeman, “said the former first lady. The deputy then defended himself by saying that he was not doing anything wrong, his clients did not ring the bells and continued in a minute or two. But Dagmar saw that in red. “Your whole long explanation is recorded on both security cameras. You’re harassing people to earn extra money, and you’re still lying! ”Havel didn’t stop, emphasizing that she had been standing in front of the house for 20 minutes at the beginning of the video.

Fan advice

Supporters of the former first lady come up with various ideas on how to drive away the annoying “wipers”. “Throw firecrackers, water balloons, buckets of ice and tomatoes,” he said in the comments. “We’ll find out where the gentleman lives and go get a seat in front of his house,” offers another fan.



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