Deputy Immigration Office, Khlong Dan Found a thief in the house, 17-year-old daughter tied hands behind her back

The stinging thief dares to misuse. Invasion of a luxury house, Deputy Police Station, Khlong Dan, 17-year-old daughter, was hijacked by a criminal using a knife Tied hands behind his back Ordered not to cry, but did not keep up Shouted loudly. Before grabbing the iPhone and leaping away The police hasten to investigate to find out loud news

At 20.00 on January 13, 2021, Police Lieutenant Colonel Amnatakian Rat, Deputy Sor. (Teaching Examination), Bang Pu Police Station, Samut Prakan Province Get informed of the crime causing theft And used a knife to force the homeowner’s daughter to tie her hands behind her back, imprisoned in the bedroom, the incident in the house number 281/232 Moo 1, Village 180, Bang Pu, Bang Pu Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province After receiving notification, it was accompanied by Lt. Col. Wichit Bunchinwuthikul, Deputy Commander of Police, Samut Prakan Province. Pol. Lt. Col. Phisut Chantarasuwan, Ph.D. Bang Pu Police Station, is ready to investigate.

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Resulting in a two-storey house with gated gates Behind the sea, Bang Pu. In the first alley of the village And is the home of Police Lieutenant Colonel Wiroj Kalayasri, Deputy Police Deputy Director of Klong Dan, found that Ms. Sirikalaya Kalayasri, 17, and Mrs. Chutima Kalayasri, 42, mother, was in shock, examined the window. Brother bedroom Which is attached to the room of Ms. Sirikalaya, who is the elder, has a mark that has been jammed until the lock is broken. The windows are open. And the villain dismantled the room until it was scattered There are also two more bedrooms. Ransacked as well After the attack, the culprit escaped with a mobile phone, jumping out of a window before officers arrived. Therefore assigned the proving officer to examine the hidden fingerprints To find objects of witnesses to track the criminals who caused the accident to prosecute

Inquiring Miss Sirikalaya or Nong Oi said that before the incident during the day, he was alone in the house. The father went to the duty at Klong Dan Police Station while his mother took her younger brother to work. Just traveled back around half past seven Then he went down to prepare a meal and sat down for dinner on the ground floor. Until he finished eating Therefore walked onto the room During that time, the sound of a walking man was heard on the adjoining brother’s bedroom. But did not suspect Thinking that it was a mother, the villain suddenly turned to the knob of his room. Which he thought was a mother and opened the door for him That moment the villain A man wearing a black short-sleeved round neck T-shirt Wear black pants Put on a black mask mask. Pushed in the garden gate before pushing him to the ground The villain then sat straddled, used a pointed knife to stoke his throat and used his white sweater in the room to grab him, tie his hands, tie his back and tie his legs. Forcing him not to cry But not in time to cry for help, causing the criminals to panic Grabbed his cell phone branded phone Before running away to the brother’s room Climbed out of the window

Ms. Chutima Kalayasri, aged 42, said that while sitting downstairs, she heard her daughter shouting for help. At first he thought that the daughter was shocked. Until hearing Nong Ploy said “A thief has entered the house,” so he went to help her daughter. And went out to seek help from the neighbors Along with a call to inform Pol. Pol. Wirote who is the husband

However, officials initially expected the perpetrators to be in the neighborhood. Therefore, it has spread out to investigate the news in order to follow up and arrest the person to prosecute the law.

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