Demi Moore’s antics will make your eyes pop: a child could have been hurt

The husband supported the crazy idea of ​​​​the star.

Once upon a time, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. The couple divorced in 2013, having survived a terrible tragedy, which you would not wish on your enemy.

The actress, who is raising three children from her first marriage, wanted to become a mother again. Kutcher also dreamed of becoming a father – and soon the screen star became pregnant. However, the baby was not destined to be born.

Moore suffered a miscarriage in her seventh month. The couple suffered the loss of a child extremely hard, as the actor told in an interview with Esquire. In addition, Kutcher spoke about such a trick of the ex-wife, from which the hair stands on end.

As it turned out, the celebrity chose a rather unusual name for her daughter, which could well ruin her life. Moore convinced her husband that it would be nice to name the girl Chaplin. The news of this shocked many netizens.

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