Ancelotti talks about Al-Ahly .. and he was angry about Vinicius

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti praised his next opponent, the Egyptian club Al-Ahly, stressing that the two clubs have “one goal”, before the upcoming meeting in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup in Morocco.

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid, spoke about facing Al-Ahly of Egypt, on Wednesday, in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup, indicating that the Red Club has a great history, has good experience in this tournament, and also has the desire to win the title.

Ancelotti said in the press conference for the meeting: “The Club World Cup is an important event, we must do our part well, we are very excited, we have a large number of fans we want to make them happy and we have the opportunity to finish what we started last year well, and it may be the World Cup.” Clubs have a boost for what’s to come.”

He added, “Al-Ahly has a great history, won many titles, and has good experience in such tournaments, and a group of players who enjoy speed. They have the same desire as us, which is to lift the cup.”

Regarding the condition of the injured in Real Madrid, Ancelotti said: “Thibo Courtois, Militao and Karim Benzema are included in the list of injured, and they stayed in Madrid to continue their treatment, and if they are healthy they will join us next Saturday.”

Regarding the organization of the tournament in Morocco, the veteran Italian said: “The tournament is well organized, the facilities are good, the grass is good and the weather is good. We will stay here for a week and we hope that we will be able to return with the title.”

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Vinicius Jr

And about Vinicius Junior, Ancelotti was asked that he is the most fouled player in La Liga, but do you think his colleagues on the field should defend him more?

He replied angrily: “Now the problem is with Vinicius or with colleagues in Vinicius? Against what should he defend himself in the first place? And before what should his colleagues defend him? I don’t know! It seems that Vinicius is the problem, but what is the reality that the problem is what is happening around Vinicius , a point”.

He continued, “It is a problem in Spanish football, and I am part of Spanish football and this problem must be resolved. They say that Vinicius is the culprit, but he is the victim of something I do not understand.”

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