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Delivery service: These dishes are most commonly ordered by Swiss

Updated December 29, 2019, 3:36 p.m.

The stove stays cold and the oven stops more and more: To the delight of the delivery service. Which food orders are most frequently made in Switzerland? And who prefers to be supplied? Here are the answers.

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The company Eat.ch was founded twelve years ago, today it is an integral part of the Swiss market for food delivery services. Managing Director Dominic Millioud knows: “The Switzerland is a diverse country in terms of cuisine. “

The 41-year-old appreciates “blick.ch”that about 60 million orders are placed with his company in one year. In 2018, sales of around CHF 1.2 billion were generated. By 2020, “the volume should grow by another 15 percent to CHF 1.4 billion,” he says.

Pizza, sushi, burgers: these are the favorites

A flat-rate perennial favorite among meal orders cannot be determined across Switzerland. “The regional differences are relatively strong,” explains Millioud.

According to this, 49 percent of all orders in German-speaking Switzerland were pizza orders. In French-speaking Switzerland, however, the demand for sushi would have made up 53 percent of orders. Burger is the favorite Central Switzerland and in the canton of Valais, just behind the pizzas, the taco orders would have made up a large part of all orders.

Who can have the food delivered?

“Our customers are really average Swiss men and women”, says CEO Millioud, This includes students as well as young professionals and families with children.

About the age of the customers can be said: “Up to 55 all generations are represented.” After that, the number of orders would “decrease sharply”. And further: “Millennials order home three times more often than their parents.” (Cos)
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