Couple discovered abandoned baby in the stairwell

Upper Austria. So far, everything points to the desperate act of a young mother who abandoned her baby during the night of Sunday in a psychological state of emergency. The newborn boy was discovered in a stairwell in Alt-Lichtenberg near Linz and brought to Campus IV of the Kepler University Clinic.

Around 1 a.m., residents of the apartment building heard a whimper, then the baby’s crying. A tenant checked and saw the boy who had been dropped off in front of her apartment door. The baby had been wrapped in towels about an hour after his birth and was lying on a pillow. The mother apparently made sure that her child did not freeze unnecessarily, even if it was slightly hypothermic when it was found.


The couple Martina and Johann D. discovered the newborn boy in the stairwell.

The resident’s husband alarmed the police, who immediately started their investigation. However, there was no trace of the child’s parents. The State Criminal Police Office has now taken over the investigations.

The little boy is now in a normal ward and is doing well. A special concern now concerns the child’s mother. To help her, it is important to find her quickly. Notes to: 059133-40-3333.

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