Delivery boy takes fatally snatched baby to hospital

Gruesome drama unfolded in the backyard of a Mississauga residential complex on Wednesday when a delivery boy crashed into a 19-month-old baby in front of his mother, before doing everything possible to try to save his life.

According to what Peel Regional Police explained, the driver grabbed the little boy – initially presented as a little girl by mistake – with his delivery truck while in the parking lot of a building, with his mother at the corner of Confederation Parkway and Paisley Boulevard West, around 5:30 p.m.

“The driver stayed behind and took the mother and child to the hospital, which is very close to here,” said Constable Sarah Patten, spokesperson for the Peel Regional Police.

In fact, the drama unfolded just a few hundred yards from the entrance to the Mississauga hospital.

Despite the efforts of the delivery man and the doctors, the toddler died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The circumstances surrounding the accident remained nebulous in the evening. The police have opened an investigation to try to get a better picture of the course of events.

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