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Delay in Arrival of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines in Durango, Mexico

Gómez Palacio, Durango (OEM).- According to the Department of Health of the State of Durango (SSD), through the Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COPRISED) in the capital, there is no date for the arrival of the arrival of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, as of the announcement there could be about a month delay in its arrival to the state of Durango.

In recent weeks, although it had been confirmed by the Health Jurisdiction II in Gómez Palacio, that they were waiting for the arrival of doses of vaccine against Covid-19 at the facilities of the Isauro Venzor Health Center, by the Secretariat of Health at the Federal level, the amounts that will be allocated to Durango have not been confirmed.

Moisés Nájera commented that so far the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have not arrived in the city of Durango, so they cannot even anticipate how many doses they would be and by what date they will be delivering the supplies to the entity’s Health Secretariat.

“We are waiting for the laboratory to tell us and we can receive it, trace the vaccine, follow it up to its final destination and monitor it, most likely next year because it is a very large private laboratory. “If they would have the capacity to distribute it quickly, but since it is worldwide, we do not know how their production is,” he highlighted.

He reiterated that it is a vaccine that is updated for the advances of Covid mutations, “there is a committee called Bioethics and Molecules at the Cofepris level, this committee precisely what it reviews is all the components that are chemical substances that they are going to apply to people, precisely what they observed is that; which is both specific for Covid and for all variants of Covid-19,” she stressed.

Likewise, he added that it has not been confirmed how many pharmacies and individuals will be selling in the entity, since in Mexico City even the Red Cross is selling them, so in Durango it is not certain whether there will also be other organizations that are going to manage and apply it.

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