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Decrease alcohol for 1 month and get THESE results!

The festive season is coming to an end and many still haven’t seen physical results return. The truth is that consume alcohol overdoing it can disrupt all possible gains. On the other hand, not consuming alcoholic beverages for about a month can make your body gain unexpected results.

There is a new trend emerging for early 2023 called “Wet January”. The focus is on regulating alcohol consumption rather than stopping drinking altogether.

For the project, there is no exact definition of the amount of alcohol that can be consumed during the period. This basically means that you just need to reduce your alcohol consumption rather than not drinking at all.

Decreasing alcohol consumption for a month will generate these benefits

1. You will be able to lose weight on the scale

Alcohol contains a high 7 calories per gram, far more than macronutrients like protein and carbohydrates. Nutritionist Lauren Manaker comments on the fact:

“And since eating too many calories can contribute to weight gain, cutting back on drinking can help with your weight loss journey. This is especially true if you tend to drink high-calorie, super-sugar drinks like a fruity piña colada, so cutting back on your drink can save you some significant liquid calories.”

2. The feeling of happiness will be greater

The nutritionist pointed out alcohol as a form of depressant, causing people to have completely negative effects when maintaining a diet that way. “Giving up alcohol for a month can really [fazer uma pessoa] feel happier and improve mental health,” he explained.

3. Your nights sleep will be even better

There are those who like to drink a glass of wine to relax before going to sleep, as the feeling is that the I am works better. However, alcohol can have an adverse effect on sleep quality.

According to experts, alcohol inhibits the normal regulation of proteins in the body, making the balancing effect slow to be seen. This causes normal sleep to take a while to get back into rhythm. If you want to cut alcohol for 30 days, sleep will be even more restful.

4. The digestion will be done in a best form

If you’ve been struggling with bloating and other issues recently, know that alcohol could be one of the reasons. Cutting back on these drinks for 30 days can make a big difference in these problems.

According to experts, alcohol inhibits the normal production of enzymes in digestion. That way, food stays in your body undigested, damaging the stomach lining and causing bloating.

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