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Death by stray bullet in Dijon: four people arrested, shooters still on the run

Operations continue to “put a stop to traffic” in Dijon. Four people were arrested and around twenty anti-narcotics operations carried out since the sending of a CRS company to this city as reinforcements, following the death of a father who was the victim of a stray bullet, announced Wednesday the regional prefect. Since the arrival of the CRS on Sunday evening, “21 operations have been carried out in the town; 163 people were checked, four people handed over to the courts, two handguns seized and bladed weapons,” said Franck Robine during a press briefing.

The CRS 8, specializing in urban violence and drug trafficking, notably carried out operations in the Stalingrad district, where a fifty-year-old was killed on Sunday by a stray bullet while he was sleeping in his apartment, located just above a known deal point. Created in 2021, CRS 8 is established in Bièvres, in the Paris region, but is likely to operate throughout the country. It was recently deployed in Nice, after the shooting in the Moulins district.

“Several dozen” deal points

In Dijon, the goal is “to put a stop to trafficking” by targeting “systematically all the deal points”, or “several dozen”, according to the prefect. The sixty police officers from CRS 8 must leave Dijon on Thursday and be replaced by a brigade of mobile gendarmes, said Bruno Gallot, departmental director of public security (DDSP) of Côte d’Or.

VIDEO. Dijon: a man killed in his sleep, collateral victim of shooting near a deal point

As for the investigation into the death of the father of the family, on Sunday, the alleged shooters, at least two in number according to the prosecution, are still on the run, according to the prosecution. The investigation continues blatantly for “organized gang murder”.

On Monday, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin spoke of “the extremely important resources” put into Dijon. “We will fight day and night against drugs, which unfortunately plague our neighborhoods,” he promised. According to the police, the year 2023 already promises to be a record year with a 57% increase in homicides and attempted homicides linked to drug trafficking.

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