Darmstadt: Furious woman is looking for thrills

She once wanted to feel “like a real gangster”. That was the statement on Saturday from a woman from Bavaria who, in order to achieve this goal, chased herself with the police.

As the police said, the officers wanted to check the car of the twenty-seven-year-old at 11:35 p.m. on Frankfurter Landstrasse. Instead of stopping, the driver stepped on the gas and drove towards the district of Arheilgen at “sometimes extremely high speeds”.

The woman stopped her car in a parking lot and, masked with a balaclava, ran away on foot. The police caught up with her and arrested her. The woman was “clearly drunk, the car had different license plates on the front and rear. “After the police measures had ended, the lady was able to leave the police station on foot without masking,” the police said in conclusion.



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