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Danger! They warn about a new drug “chicken” that is distributed in Guatemala

The Deputy Director of the Civil national police (PNC), David Boteo announced that the cocaine trade has decreased, and that it is the gangs who, due to connections with the Mexican drug cartels, try to bring in new narcotics, according to anti-narcotics authorities.

From this account, they have identified that there is a new drug called “chicken”, because it is made with the excrement of these birds. It also does not rule out that in the coming months fentanyl will begin to be consumed, which causes alarm to the United States Government due to its high consumption. This type of drug has no taste or smell, but is 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine.

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Boteo adds: “The drug called chicken has caused deaths in different parts of the country. Its effects are similar to those of crack and it is cheaper.”

While fentanyl is a reverse trade: “The sale of this drug is in reverse. It comes from the United States, Mexico, and will pass through Guatemala until it spreads throughout Latin America.”

According to the PNC, there are five areas of the capital and six departments where retail drug sales are concentrated, led by gangs. Its distribution is around nightclubs and bars.

The Deputy Director recognizes that during the operations that the multi-sector -PNC, Guatemalan Migration Institute and the Attorney General’s Office, among other instances- carry out in the nightclubs, the distributors “They have time to throw away or hide illegal items”and since they observe the number of police officers, they alert other nightclubs to hide the drugs.

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