Dancer Sun Qiuyue returned to the stage to dance “Life is just like the first sight”_Dance Drama_Cao Xueqin_Excerpt

Original title: Dancer Sun Qiuyue returns to the stage to dance “If Life Is Only Like the First Sight”

A few days ago, the “Dancers in Dance Drama” brand designed and created by the “Dancers Special” of the 2022 Zhongguancun Dance Drama Festival ended at the Tianqiao Art Center. The content of this exhibition “Dancer Special” comes from the essence and condensed fragments of several dance dramas. Among them, in the two dance drama fragments of “Life Is Only Like the First Sight” and “Cao Xueqin”, the audience saw the long-lost dancer Sun Qiuyue.

That night, Sun Qiuyue introduced the lovers of Nalan Xingde and Cao Xueqin, respectively two historical celebrities. Dancing on the one-meter inclined ladder, the two captivated the audience with their superb stage performance and control.

In 2014, Sun Qiuyue was seconded to the Military Culture College of the National Defense University as a dance teacher of the Department of Creation and Performance.Sun Qiuyue has gradually shifted the focus of her work to the podium. With the birth of the baby, Sun Qiuyue left the stage for a while. Until 2021, she Sun Qiuyue will return to the public eye through the dance drama “Zhang Qian”. In November 2022, she will appear at the National Center for the Performing Arts and once again show her graceful and light dance posture in the dance drama “Cao Xueqin”.

It is said that a dancer’s career is very short and that they are young, but from Sun Qiuyue’s point of view it is never too late to start, “It takes a lot of courage to go back on stage, which means Tong Zigong has to start again Again, I have to say that with age, body functions including ligaments and bones have changed. Maybe before I only needed 5 minutes to move, but now I need 30 minutes to move. This it is a very simple moment exercise.For example, you need to pay 2 times, 3 times or even 10 times the effort before you can return to the state you imagined.But I think people’s potential is unlimited, as long as you want to do it, you can fulfill your expectations.” After the dance drama, the directors were very satisfied with Sun Qiuyue.

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