“World’s Most Successful Tap School Proudly Located in Brno” – News

In a building in an industrial area on the outskirts of Brno, few would expect a dance school of world renown. However, T-Group, the most successful school in the world in terms of the number of medals from the last world championship, is located here. Its dancers, for example, have obtained more precious metals than […]

Korn on tremors and fatigue: Serious words about the end of his career – AHA.cz

After more than 30 years, Jiří Korn embarked on a spectacular solo show. “It’s an exceptional experience, and at the end of the concert, the audience shows it to us. I have people around me who really know the profession, and the dancers on stage are absolutely stunning, the background is fabulous,” the singer praises […]

An Egyptian dancer seeks help from her ex-husband, Saad Al-Saghir • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian dancer, Shams, sought help from her ex-husband, the artist Saad Al-Soghair, accusing him of kidnapping her from Alexandria to Cairo, torturing her, forcing her into a forced marriage, and killing her fetus. Seven months pregnant The dancer, Shams, said that she did not know why her divorced, Saad Al-Saghir, acted with […]

Harapese’s big health scare: swollen face and awkward gait

In recent months, friends have been very worried about the dancer Vlastimil Harapes, because he kept to himself and was little in society. After a long time, however, he appeared in public and decided to honor the memory of director Maria Poledňáková, whom he remembered. However, his swollen face and awkward gait suggested he might […]

AFTER THE CLOSING OF THE GATE – Breisgau District League

REGIONAL LEAGUE Reload at Worms The third consecutive promoted team (after Fulda and Trier) will be served at regional league club Bahlinger SC this Tuesday at 7pm: Wormatia Worms surprised at the weekend with a 3-2 win at FSV Mainz 05 II and should therefore start the equally strengthened Day of the week going as […]

Zelensky modified the particular composition of the Supreme Commander’s Headquarters

The commander of the NGU, Lebed, was authorised inside of the headquarters, and new commanders of the Unique Operations Forces and the Terodefense Forces were released. Vladimir Zelensky / photo president.gov.ua By decree of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the personalized composition of the headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief was improved. The text of […]