Dacia Jogger motorhome. The automaker presents a sleeping pad for the trunk

Living liners for the trunks of larger cars or vans are not new, but few brands offer them as extra equipment. Dacia has prepared the Sleep package for its jogger, which is exactly such an improvement of a purely practical MPV.

Its folding bed uses the folded backrests in the second row as support, and due to the small – for use as a camper – dimensions of the jogger, it is necessary to fold forward even the front seats. With its dimensions of 190 × 130 cm, the folding mattress should offer enough space for two people, according to the automaker; the height above it is 60 cm.

The box in the trunk does not offer any compartments or drawers, but a folding table can be useful. Dacia states that the insert is to complement the camping equipment you already have, so there is no stove or, for example, a cooler. The advantage, on the other hand, is that including the mattress, the system weighs up to 50 kilograms, and it is said to also have a favorable price, which, however, has not yet been disclosed by the car manufacturer.

And also that after the trunk cover is retracted, the folded insert cannot be seen in any way, the car simply looks like a five-seater jogger. There are also blackout window covers or an outdoor tent that can be connected to the open fifth door.

“Extreme” jogger, duster, sandero and spring

It features details such as mirror covers, logos, inscriptions or lines in copper color, as well as a special green for Sandero, Jogger and Duster. Spring received a new non-metallic blue color. There are also black-painted alloy wheels and stickers with a topographical pattern.

In the interior, in addition to repeating the copper color, the MicroCloud upholstery material appears, which is resistant to external influences and easy to clean, but at the same time offers a velvety appearance and pleasant properties to the touch. All models except spring will get it. The latter, in turn, received higher power, specifically 65 hp, and a modified gearbox.

Also worth mentioning is the Extended Grip system, which is available for the jogger extreme and Stepway versions. It changes the behavior of the ESP system and thus allows the driver to “dig in” on unstable ground. Duster will not get it, as it has all-wheel drive.

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