Czechia – Germany 6: 2, Czechs decorated the jubilee with six goals! The winning streak under Jalonen is growing

Defenders Jakub Krejčík and forwards Adam Klapka, Jiří Černoch, Petr Holík, Patrik Zdráhal and Jakub Flek took care of the winners’ goals. Fabio Wagner takes Lukeš’s net account in 47 minutes and reduced Daniel Schmölz to 2: 5 in a power play.

Jalonen succeeded in a duel with a Finnish compatriot on the German bench, Toni Söderholm, who also has assistants Raim Helminen and Petteri Väkipart. Jalonen’s assistant Libor Zábranský senior watched the actions of his son Libor for the first time from the bench of the national team and they became the first such family pair in the history of the Czech national hockey team.

The Germans also joined Maciej Rutkowski of Krefeld, who completed the nomination along with another striker, Danj Leonhardt of Salzburg. Julian Napravnik from Minnesota State University left the team.

The Czech team had their first big chance in the seventh minute, but Černoch’s pass in the renumbering to Smejkal did not pass. On the other hand, Karachun reached the finish line, not beating Luke with a backhand. At 9:41, the home team opened the score. The black man found Krejčík from behind the goal, who pierced Treutle.

In 99 seconds, Jalonen’s lead led by two goals. Klapka hit the right circle on the catch of the German goalkeeper and scored the first goal in the second national team.

In the 23rd minute, with Fleischer’s dismissal, Černoch finished the combination after Blümel’s pass from the left circle. Cienciala had another opportunity and 72 seconds from the third goal, the Czechs rejoiced again. After a clever turn on the left circle, Blümel found a driven Holík, who adjusted to 4: 0.

In the 28th minute, Lukeš missed Huss’s shot between the concrete, but he managed to cover the puck in front of the advancing Jentzch and Pfaffengut. Then the Czech goalkeeper displaced Karachun’s shot. The Germans defended themselves during Münzenberger’s punishment and Jiříček shortened the power play.

At the beginning of the third period, Lukeš successfully faced a series of shots. In the 45th minute, after throwing in his own defensive zone, Zdráhal performed a solo across the entire field and from the left circle he set up a five-goal lead. In 77 seconds, the Germans also scored a goal. Volek found a free Wagner and Lukeš capitulated.

In the 49th minute, when Blümel was expelled, the guests rejoiced again after Schmölz’s impressive ending with a hockey stick between their legs. Treutle dealt with Blümel’s option. In the time of 53:50 he found in front of Smejkal in front of the free Flek goal, who closed the score.

Euro Hockey Challenge match in Chomutov:
Czechia – Germany 6: 2 (2: 0, 2: 0, 2: 2)
Goals and recordings: 10. Krejčík (Černoch, Fridrich), 12. Klapka (P. Zdráhal), 23. Černoch (Blümel, Jiříček), 24. P. Holík (Blümel, Jordan), 45. P. Zdráhal (L. Kaňák), 54. Flek (Smejkal, Kodýtek) – 47. Wagner (Volek, Blank), 49. Schmölz (Höfflin). Judges: Pešina, Pražák – Brejcha, Zíka. Exclusion: 3: 2. Utilization: 1: 1. Attendance: 3852.
Czechia: Š. Lukeš – Ščotka, Jordán, L Zábranský ml., Krejčík, Jiříček, Sklenička, Budík, L. Kaňák – Cienciala, P. Holík, Blümel – O. Beránek, Černoch, Fridrich – Smejkal, Kodýtek, Flek – Klapka , Hladonik, P. Zdráhal. Coach: Kari Jalonen.
Německo: Treutle – Ankert, Bender, Fohrler, Münzenberger, Hüttl, Wagner, Huss, Rogl – Soramies, Pietta, Höfflin – L. Braun, Fleischer, Schmölz – Jentzsch, Blank, Karachun – Volek, Pfaffengut, Rutkowski. Trener: Toni Söderholm.

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