Fiorentina, Vlahovic: “Left to grow and for Italian. Ibra told me never to give up”

Dusan Vlahovic is Fiorentina’s top scorer who will face Inter at Franchi tonight in a high-ranking match. For the occasion, the Serbian striker gave a long interview to DAZN, in the course of which he spoke not only about the present but also how he became the current player that everyone wants. Starting with the fantasy football: “My best friends are Milenkovic and also Terzic, who joined the national team. A wonderful group has been created. Florence? It’s like God, I arrived when I was very young, it’s my second home”.

He wanted to stay at Fiorentina.
“I always speak sincerely, I think that those who came from the Balkans are doing things more with the heart than with the brain. I felt like staying, here I think I can grow further. I will score many goals and assists, the rest as it comes. comes. There may be many risks, but without the risks it is not worth living. Totti comes to mind against Holland who made the spoon “.

You too made a spoon against Torino in the Primavera final …
“We won the first final at the Franchi 2-0 and then we were discussing whether the first goal I scored was a penalty or not. spoon, then they can cry as much as they want. “Lakti, the captain, encouraged me and I chose to really do it.”

He was exulting like Ronaldo, right?
“Yes, because I was excited by his new exultation. Everyone used it. In the locker room we said that at the first goal that at my first goal I would have exulted as CR7”.

What is your idol?
“My family, then if we talk about players I certainly liked Ibra more for his character and the desire to never give up. He never allowed anyone to command him, then the monstrous plays … Let’s leave it alone. Florence in which we lost 3-2 I took advantage of the fact that maybe he wasn’t very angry to ask him for the shirt. He signed it for me, we took the photo and wrote the dedication in our language, he told me to go on like this and never give up. I’m not very good at speaking when I meet an idol. “

Is there any other Balkan icon?
“Jovetic. Nobody knew it, but at 18 he became captain of Partizan, I went to the stadium every Sunday to see his plays. Then I had a shirt without a number or written on the back: at home I found a shirt, I put on the 35 “.

Do you like Italian?
“One of the reasons I chose to stay was him, because after the retirement I said ‘you have fun with this.’ for him. When he’s angry he calls me Dusan. And he’s always angry … (laughs) “.

Why do they say he’s arrogant?
“Maybe on the pitch, where I don’t know a mother or a father. For me the field is life or death, you have to have a lot of self-esteem and believe in yourself. But never arrogance.”

Di Haaland?
“He is a machine a robot. He is faster than me, for the rest we play it”.

And of the Church?
“For me since I arrived he is very strong, we have a great relationship”.

Where are you in this ranking?
“I just have to work, don’t think about these things. More fantasy coaches write me than girls, they are putting a little pressure on me for how much they paid me and then I don’t know how it will go … But this fact can only make me stronger” .

What is your goal for the year?
“If I can only thank Cesare Prandelli, he got me out of … I’m not saying the bad word. Nobody did the things he did for me. Apart from Ribery, I still consider him an older brother, with his advice. hours. These two people, they are friends, have always been very close. I will be grateful to him forever. “



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