Customer Abandoned ATM Starts, What’s This Phenomenon?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is a new phenomenon among Indonesian customers. They are no longer busy visiting Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

The trend of banking digitalization has changed the behavior of bank customers. ATMs are no longer crowded in queues, because customers choose to transact simply by using digital technology, from cellphones or other technological devices.

This fact was revealed by the Director of Treasury & International Banking of Bank Mandiri, Panji Irawan to CNBC Indonesia. He said that currently customers no longer rely on ATMs to make transactions but online, at least at Bank Mandiri.

“The trend shows the behavior of no longer using ATMs, customers are comfortable using online applications,” he said, quoted on Saturday (24/7/2021).

Bank Mandiri through the Livin’ by Mandiri application proves this, where ATM transactions are recorded to be lower. In the first quarter of 2021, transactions at ATMs amounted to Rp 200 trillion, smaller than transactions in applications which reached Rp 341 trillion.

“That’s why I say Mandiri Livin was developed. And interestingly, if you look at Mandiri Livin users since launching in March, the number of active user downloaders has reached 7.1 million,” he explained.

Bank Mandiri itself targets that the number of users of the application will continue to increase. In fact, the number could reach 10 million. This means that this is in accordance with the current digitalization trend.

“Total transactions in the first quarter grew by 39% worth Rp 341 trillion. The trend is changing, from an e-commerce perspective, it is estimated that it could double 1.5 times by 2025,” he said.

Then why did this happen?

According to him, this is one of the trends that has accelerated due to the pandemic. People who stay at home have a changing pattern. For this reason, Bank Mandiri does not only invest in applications.

“But we are also in middle office, back office, IT and infrastructure are updated to support digitization,” he said.

However, in an effort to continue to improve customer convenience, Bank Mandiri has withdrawn as many as 5,000 old ATMs. So that currently, the ATMs that are available and owned by Bank Mandiri have qualified performance due to their young age.

“So thatcomplainingdown,” he concluded.

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