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CUNY celebrates 25 years of its free CITIZENSHIP NOW!

Entities for the rights of immigrants from the city of New York and the CUNY university system gathered to provide individualized immigration guidance and celebrate 25 years of the free program: CITIZENSHIP NOW!

Allan Werrnick, director of CUNY Citizenship Now!, pointed out in this regard: “We are happy to be the largest citizenship event in the country since the pandemic.” Wernick also added that this year 400 New Yorkers signed up.

Some 400 New Yorkers attended the event.

Hamely José arrived in this country with his family 10 years ago. Upon turning 18, she was looking for information to become a citizen. A week ago she found out about this event on social networks and signed up: “I am grateful because they are helping me a lot. I feel very proud and happy that I am trying to get there and get ahead with my family.”

During these 25 years, the program has helped more than 200,000 people to fill out their forms and applications. Hamey will be the first in her family to obtain citizenship.

Maite Junco, the vice chancellor of CUNY, emphasized the impact of this program in the community: “That person helps another person in the family and they are sponsored. And that person becomes a citizen and thus families are reunited.”

Maite Junco, Vice Chancellor of CUNY.

About 215 volunteers, including lawyers and former beneficiaries, were helping with the organization of the event, guiding people in each process.

And for the first time, many attendees came from different states of the nation thanks to the cooperation of the New American Campaign organization that helps in the naturalization process throughout the country.

Sandra Sandoval, a volunteer from Florida, shared her experience: “It’s amazing to see so many volunteers excited to help the community for their citizenship.”

Those who did not attend the event can get advice by calling 646-664-9400. The various CUNY colleges, in all five boroughs, have appointments available Monday through Friday.

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