Mayor Adams’ trip to the US border ends.

New York Mayor Eric Adams spent the weekend in El Paso, Texas, where he said he wanted to see up close how the constant flow of immigrants it receives affects that border city. On his Twitter account he posted a video with El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser. Adams assures that he went to “learn how […]

Long queues from dawn for an appointment with Immigration

“I brought the car and everything else, but the cold still passes…” Edith Quispe, a Peruvian, who is breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter and camping overnight, stands in line at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (USCIS) hoping to make an appointment. Quispe. “It’s certainly difficult, because suddenly if you’re late they won’t let you in, […]

Electoral result: peace of mind for immigrants – lawyer

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s reelection should bring peace of mind to immigrants, says immigration attorney Luis Gómez Alfaro. “Now that we know that the governorship of New York will continue, migrants can be calmer,” explains Gómez Alfaro in the weekly segment of NY1 Noticias, El Abogado a tu lado. Lawyer. According to the lawyer, […]

NYCabre Emergency Center as a temporary shelter for migrants

A complex of giant tents built on an island will open Wednesday as New York City’s last temporary shelter for the influx of migrants arriving on buses from southern border states. Randall’s Island Rescue Center is intended to be a temporary transit station for single adult men – many of them from Venezuela – arriving […]

Municipal services available to immigrants: lawyer

As thousands of asylum-seeking immigrants arrive in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams and several city officials have pointed out in recent weeks that newcomers can get a range of city services to help them adapt to the new reality. In our weekly “The Lawyer by Your Side” segment, immigration attorney Luis Gómez Alfaro discusses […]

Bus arrives in NYC with more than 50 immigrants from Texas

Immigrants from Central and South America continue to arrive in New York after crossing several countries and dangerous borders. On Friday morning, a bus arrived from Texas with 54 people, most of them from Venezuela. “In the jungle we met a family of 14 people, people we helped and people who helped us and told […]

Texas governor sends immigrants to NYC

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Friday that his state will now bus immigrants directly to New York City, intensifying a war of words with Mayor Eric Adams and causing difficulties for the city’s shelter system. The governor went even further by pointing out that the first contingent of these immigrants had already arrived in New […]

Increase in asylum seekers in NYC -lawyer explains

In recent weeks, New York City has been receiving a high number of immigrants seeking asylum. The fact has drawn the attention of Mayor Eric Adams himself, who spoke about it. “New York has been and always will be a city of immigrants that welcomes newcomers with open arms,” ​​the mayor wrote at the time […]

Hearing federal court demand for DACA more than 70 thousand young people

The future of at least 78,000 young immigrants in the United States, including 37,000 in our area, would soon be defined, after immigrant rights organizations filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in New York. “During this time, a year and a half, I haven’t been able to do anything, I haven’t been able […]

Diverse opinions between neighbors before the decision of the Court

On Thursday morning, the Supreme Court decided by 5 to 4 to end the immigration law that forced citizens of different nationalities to wait for the asylum application process from the border in Mexico. Residents of Sunset Park, a neighborhood with a high population of Latino immigrants, expressed opposing views: “Many people suffer at the […]