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The summer holidays are coming soon and with it all the uncertainties and fears related to the Covid-19. According to a recent survey Opsio, 58 % of respondents stated that they have plans for vacation in spite of the context of health, 14 % have had to give up their holidays for the same reason, and 19 % indicate that they will not go away at all this summer. At Thionville, the tour operators surveyed, reopened only since the 11th of may, see the reservations set out “shyly” since the lifting of the barrier of hundred kilometres in particular. “People ask a lot of questions but find it hard to decide. There is a wait-and-see on the part of some, and for others, it is immediately, now. They want to leave immediately, ” says the head of the Havas agency.

Italy ? “People are afraid “

France stands out as the leading destination this year for fear of last-minute changes essentially. “We sell a lot of holidays nearby in camping or home rentals with pool. It sees the arrival of a customer, which in normal times does not pass through agencies for this type of product, ” says the tour operator. Despite the opening of borders with Italy, the destination is not recipe. “People are afraid,” says the head of the agency VTF Holiday in Thionville. “I have requests on Spain and for the month of August over Portugal, but nothing for Greece which is usually a summer destination popular,” related the agent, Havas voyages.

Rental rather than hotel

France, therefore, will be the main destination of Thionvillois this summer with a trendy “sharp enough” to prefer ” the mountain and the countryside to the coastline most populous nation “, said in VTF Vacation. The caution is warranted. “People have a need of a vacation but they don’t want to do it in any conditions,” says the head of the Havas agency. “The families choose formulas to lease rather than stays in full and not only for budget issues. One feels that they want to secure the most out of their vacation and avoiding all the places of contact “And the spokesperson of the agency VTF vacation to resume :” The elderly clients, who usually share in June is very cautious and prefers to remain in her home. “

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