Culture. Incredible Landscapes to admire at Puzzle

Nine artists and a collective spread over five places with a common theme, Landscapes, this is the exotic invitation made to the public by Puzzle and the Jacques-Brel center in Thionville. The exhibition, which is a true expedition through art and trends, began on Thursday September 24 and will run until November 7. The first visitors, during the opening, organized in small groups on registration, were willingly transported through the different worlds.

A journey through the ages

The 19th century Japanese prints of Hiroshige from the collection of Georges Leskowicz , to be seen in the Weisbuch space, will take you to the Togetsu bridge and the Maïko beach, then dive into the black boxes by Thibault Brunet and the gigantic Christmas Varoqui oil frescoes in the white room. In the forum bubble, let yourself be surprised by Mass 2, a moving production by Kris Verdonck who offers his vision of chaos, inspired by Bekett. In the cave, treat yourself to a dreamlike and refreshing break by watching the eighteen minute video of Hicham Berrada baptized Presage. Finally, in the dark room, make way for modernity and artificial intelligences which stage the bed of a river and its oscillations to the rhythms of music. Opposite, colorful works will catch your eye, which will then land on umbrellas covered in clouds.

The richness and diversity of these landscapes, their supports and techniques will surely amaze you. “These landscapes are bridges between worlds, and also between eras,” says Caroline Rinaldi, director of the Jacques-Brel center. An astonishing exhibition that invites you to reconnect with nature.

Landscapes, exhibition visible until November 7. Discovery tours in the mornings by appointment on 03 82 56 12 43.

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