Business & Finance. Money laundering and evasion: the dirty business of banks

JpMorgan Chase, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank and Bank of New York Mellon – according to an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – have authorized up to 2017 at least 2 trillion suspicious transactions that would have been used to clean up drug money and of the oligarchs. 12 years after the Lehman crash, credit is therefore struggling to get rid of its ghosts.

The cover story of the issue of Business & Finance which will be published on Monday with the newspaper analyzes why the lesson of the subprime and the 450 billion dollars fines paid by world finance after the scandal of “toxic bonds” have been of little use.

The supervisory authorities have tried to tighten controls, the banks have promised to strengthen internal monitoring, but the results are not appreciable. Everything seems to work only halfway and even the “controllers” themselves admit it in a low voice. An alarm that could soon lead, on the initiative of the EU Commission, to the birth of a button room unique in Europe to fight money laundering. In the issue on newsstands there is also an in-depth analysis on the new Mes, which will allow Italy to save 5 billion, explained by Nicola Giammarioli, the Italian general secretary of the salvastati fund.

Meanwhile, the second wave of the virus is frightening the markets and also the economic recovery that was starting from China now remains pending, in the risk that new lockdowns, starting from Europe, will reset the recoveries recorded so far.


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