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Cristiano Ronaldo: Georgina Rodriguez, rich despite her level of studies

Antonella’s husband, known for his quietness and avoidance of controversy, reveals a more angry side when he is upset.

Lionel Messi, considered one of the world’s best footballers, accumulating so many trophies that he has his own museum, won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in an epic final against the French team.

Despite his reputation as an exemplary man in Argentina, a television program highlighted the person the world champion does not want to meet.

The Argentine star, while rarely angry on the pitch, has a few people he prefers to avoid. A British journalist shared her experience when she tried to interview Messi in Miami, getting an unexpected response from him.

Messi, from Rosario, is usually one of the calmest footballers, but he doesn’t hold back his anger when he feels provoked.

Journalist Kate Abdo spoke of a Messi-Ronaldo debate moderated by Jamie Carragher. She revealed that she invited Inter Miami for an official interview:

“We issued an official invitation to Inter Miami, we requested their participation in the program. Do you know what Inter Miami’s official response was? Apparently Lionel Messi did it. I will not appear on any television show where Jamie Carragher is present.she said.

The disagreement between Lionel Messi and Carragher dates back to 2021, when the Argentine considered joining Paris Saint-Germain, and Jamie criticized the decision. Messi, after reading Carragher’s comments, sent him a private message on social media.

“Messi is not happy with me. I received a private message on Instagram from him. I’m not going to show the message, but basically he told me he was an ass.”revealed Jamie, the man Messi wants to avoid.

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