Kim Kardashian reacts to the Balenciaga controversy

Balenciaga finds itself at the center of a controversy after a controversial photo shoot.

A few days ago, Balenciaga created controversy. On Nov. 16, the brand unveiled photos from its latest photo shoot. We can see several images of children holding a teddy bear dressed in bondage and an image where we see a strange US Supreme Court document on a child pornography case. The shot obviously caused a scandal on social media. Thousands of Internet users have accused Balenciaga of sexualizing children. The house therefore recently decided to withdraw its campaign and apologized: “We sincerely apologize for any offense caused by our holiday campaign,” we could read in the Instagram story. Although she somehow corrected her mistake, Internet users were especially waiting for the reaction of the stars who represented her like Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian. After several days of silence, the founder of SKIMS has decided to react to this scandalous snap.

“I was shaken”

This Sunday, November 27, in a message posted on Twitter, Kim Kardashian decided to speak. The reality star strongly condemned Balenciaga’s actions: “I’ve remained silent for the past few days, not because I’m not disgusted and outraged by Balenciaga’s recent campaigns, but because I wanted the opportunity to speak with their team…

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