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Crashed Lamborghini belongs to a well-known entrepreneur: ‘It was just a kiss’

The very expensive Lamborghini Gallardo that crashed on the A16 on Sunday evening belongs to entrepreneur Bob Ultee, Omroep Brabant discovered. Ultee made a name for itself with soap brand Sabon. Today he is working on his own crypto coin: the BobCoin. He is light about the accident: “It was just an ordinary collision, because it is a Lamborghini everyone makes a thing of it.”

It accident happened on the A16 motorway between the Galder and Hazeldonk interchange. The Lamborghini (new value: between 150,000 and 200,000 euros) rode on the back of a Peugeot 107.

‘Suddenly to the left’
“I was driving in the left lane, and suddenly a small car with two ladies in it came to the left, then it went wrong,” says Ultee. “Of course they haven’t seen me because the car is so low.”

In the photo, the Lamborghini looks totally wrinkled. According to the owner, that’s not that bad: “The trunk is at the front on these types of cars, but the collision was so soft that the airbags didn’t even go out. It was just a kiss.”

No one was injured in the collision. “I think it’s very bad for those women, luckily my Lamborghini can be repaired.”

‘A Lamborghini makes a lot of noise’
The orange Lamborghini Gallardo is often spotted, there are dozens of photos of the car online. Several people on social media say they saw Ultee that day, he would have driven way too fast. “What can I say to that? I’m used to these kinds of cars and didn’t drive fast at all. But a Lamborghini makes a lot of noise, that’s the disadvantage.”

Ultee, who lives in Dubai, often visits Brabant, he lived in Ulvenhout for a long time and his ex lives in Belgium. He is clearly a fan of expensive cars, last July saw business magazine Quote drive him through Breda in a rare Rolls-Royce with a registration of the United Arab Emirates.

From soap to crypto currency
Ultee started selling Sabon’s luxury soaps in the Netherlands in 2005. The company went bankrupt in 2015. This was followed by a long-running argument with SNS Bank, in which Ultee unsuccessfully demanded 250 million from the bank.

Two months ago, he started his own crypto currency, the Bobcoin, with which motorcycles and scooters can be rented in developing countries.

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