Covid Messina, Francesco: “My gym is safe. They will lead us to hunger” VIDEO – Tempo Stretto

“I’m not ashamed to say I’m desperate.” After the protest of the Messina gyms, we went to see why they don’t want to resign

Yesterday at protest spontaneous. In front of the Opiumfitness gym, on the state road 114 in Messina, Francesco D’Angelo had decided to protest to bring to the street all the anguish and desperation of those who found themselves closing activities and projects with the latest Dpcm by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Many joined in his protest. Instructors, teachers, gym managers, sports associations. A world of workers in overalls who, after the first lockdown, now don’t really know if they will survive.

They spent a lot of money to upgrade the gyms, to make them safe. They created booking apps, lists, protected routes, put sanitizing gels in every corner, reduced numbers, followed directions, guidelines, protocols. In short, they believed it. And now they feel invisible, ignored, forgotten.

Francesco he took us inside his gym. He showed us that it would be possible to train without risk. But the government has decided that at least until November 24 they must remain closed. Francesco is an immunosuppressed person, he is the one who takes risks personally with Covid, he would never have allowed his gym to be unsafe. He is 60 years old, has a family, two daughters who work with him and to whom he now fears that he will no longer be able to give everything they need.

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