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Effectively. Lekrings striker Andris Rajeckis scored three goals in less than seven minutes in the second thirdPhoto:

Sports life in Latvia has become quiet again, according to the government’s decision, competitions may be held only for the state championship
in the higher leagues. Also in floorball, the whole calendar is suspended, except for the men’s and women’s top leagues.

This means that the games for the strongest teams on our side are, so the fans also have something to fan, of course, in accordance with the epidemiological requirements.

Last weekend, out of the four teams on our side, only Cēsis “Lekrings” went on the field, but this game was maybe even worth several games.

The game took place in Cēsis, and the opponents of the home team were the “Lielvārde / FatPipe” team. Before this game, each team had suffered only one loss, so it was clear that the fight would be fierce. Initial predictions indicated that the game would be ineffective, as the teams with the best protection met. So far, Lielvārde team had scored 20 goals in five games, which was the best indicator in the league, but Cēsis – 23. However, this time the predictions were completely overturned, because the teams scored 21 goals, this became the most productive game of the season.

The guests were the first to reveal the result, but at the end of the period, in a relatively short time, Lekrings striker Emīls Dzalbs scored two goals, and in the break, 2: 1 in favor of the home team.

In the 49th second of the second period, Robert Zande scored 3: 1, but then in about seven minutes Andris Rajeckis scored three goals, while the guests had only one accurate show, and the board showed 6: 2. Then Lielvārde team regained another goal, as if returning the intrigue, but immediately Jānis Melderis achieved 7: 3, but in the last minute of the period Krišs Treimanis also scored the eighth goal, and the result was 8: 3.

The beginning of the last third was very unsuccessful for Lielvārde team, when in less than three minutes J. Melderis, Rūdis Jermacāns and K. Treimanis reached 11: 3, and in fact the fate of the game was decided. The guests took a half-minute break to recover in order to slow down the hosts as well, but after a few minutes J. Melderis scored his third goal, and the result was already 12: 3. However, after six seconds, Lielvārde team reached 12: 4 and in the last ten minutes of the last third they tried to collect the used water as much as possible, changing the goalkeeper to the sixth player of the field. First Cēsis reached 13: 4, but then in minutes and ten seconds the guests scored three goals, five and a half minutes before the end of regular time to reach 13: 7. It was now the turn of the home team to take a break to reassure the rivals, and for the rest of the game they managed to score only one goal, finishing the game 13: 8 in favor of Lekrings. In the history of Lielvārde team, this result will be recorded in black, because so many goals have not been scored at least in the last ten seasons.

In the tournament table, “Lekrings” is currently in second place with 15 points. The leaders with 18 points are “Ķekava”, which last weekend beat FBK “Valmiera” 8: 5. The people of Valmiera thus remained with 15 points, but had to miss the Cēsis team, which has less than one game.

SK “Pārgauja”, which did not have games, currently takes the ninth place with seven points in six games.

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